20 Questions on the 20th featuring Jeff Nelsen

It’s time for March’s 20 questions on the 20th!

Here’s the fearless Jeff Nelsen!

  1. Started playing horn at age:
    • 12, then quit 16-19
  2. First private teacher?
    • David Hoyt – Hn 1 Edmonton Symphony
  3. Favorite composer?
    • Mahler and Mozart
  4. Favorite piece?
    • Barber Violin Concerto
  5. Most memorable concert?
    • Christmas concert on Canadian radio with my parents singing, sisters flute and bassooning, and me! 1993 in Edmonton
  6. Most embarrassing moment on stage?
    • Same concert! Wow did I get nervous!! Played a simple piece quite badly…I have video! I’ll share it!
  7. If you could not play the horn, what other instrument would you choose?
    • Electric guitar
  8. Favorite excerpt?
    • To play – Don Quixote var 7&8, To hear – Mahler 5 obligate
  9. Least favorite excerpt?
    • Depends on what I’ve neglected?
  10. Mountains or Beach?
    • Winery!
  11. Cats or Dogs?
    • Dog winery!!
  12. F horn or C horn?
    • Eh horn!
  13. Treble clef or Bass clef?
    • Bass
  14. Would you rather play Ravel’s Piano Concerto OR Shostakovich 5?
    1. Aw come on! Both soooo good. Pieces or excerpts? I’ll go with Shostakovich!
  15. Beer or wine?
    • Beach
  16. On the leg or off the leg?
    • Yup!
  17. Kopprasch or Kling?
    • Maxime Alphonse!
  18. Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with a saxophone or trumpet player?
    • Ha!! I’ll take the saxaphone. Without the player, right!?
  19. Favorite movie score?
    • Field of Dreams – James Horner (Jim Thatcher on incredible horn lines!)
  20. “Stars and Stripes” or “Washington Post”? 😉
    • New York Times!? Oh Canada?

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