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2018-2019 TMEA All-State Trombone Etudes

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John Romero

John Romero began his position as Principal Trombone with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in September 2018, after serving as Principal Trombone of the Fort Worth Symphony from 2016. A local of Longview, Texas, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from Baylor University studying with Brent Phillips and a Master of Music degree from Rice University studying under Allen Barnhill.

Romero has been an active and successful solo competitor. His accomplishments include winning the Larry Wiehe competition in 2012 at the annual International Trombone Festival in Paris, France, as well as ITF’s Marstallar competition in 2013, the Big XII Trombone Conference Tenor Competition, Eastern Trombone Workshop’s Division II Tenor Competition, and Baylor University’s Concerto competition. In addition to the concerto performance at Baylor, he has been a featured soloist at Blast of Brass’s summer festival.

As a private lessons teacher, Romero currently teaches in the Houston area but will begin teaching in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in August of 2016. His students range from many backgrounds and experience levels and frequently show improvement in placement auditions and competitions such as Texas UIL All-State and UIL Solo and Ensemble. As a native Texan who was trained in Texas and who is working in a Texas Symphony, Romero knows from experience what the judges are looking for and how to combat the challenges of the experience.

When not practicing classical music, Romero’s non-trombone related passions include rock climbing, mountain biking, guitar, piano, jazz. cooking, good coffee, and golfing.

Etude 1 - A minor - Allegro Moderato

Etude 2 - B Major - Adagio

Etude 3 - E minor - Allegro Vivace

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  1. Can order the sheet music too?

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, we do not currently have the sheet music in stock, although you are welcome to contact us and arrange for a special order. The title of the book they were using was Selected Studies for Trombone by H. Voxman. You can probably order it off of Amazon or the sheet music store of your choice. Thanks for contacting us!

      1. If you are still interested, we have the sheet music in stock now!

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