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Faxx Horn Mouthpieces

by Faxx
Original price $27.99 - Original price $27.99
Original price
$27.99 - $27.99
Current price $27.99
Model: 7BW

Faxx Mouthpieces are affordable facsimiles of different popular models of the past and present.

Available Sizes: 2, 7, 7BW, MDC (“Farkas Style”), MC (“Farkas Style”), C6 (“Giardinelli Style”), C8 (“Giardinelli Style”), C10 (“Giardinelli Style”), C12 (“Giardinelli Style”), 11 – Faxx mouthpieces are of the highest standard in quality and reliability and rival the famous maker brands.

Shank Taper: Standard (Morse)

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