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Greg Black "Symphony" Light Weight Large Bore Tenor and Alto Trombone Mouthpieces

Original price $215.00 - Original price $242.00
Original price
$215.00 - $242.00
Current price $215.00
Size: 3GS
Backbore: Standard “Symphony” Combination

Don't see the size you want to order? Call us at 817-993-6400 ex 1 to special order any mouthpiece Greg Black makes.

The Regular Weight is the bestseller of the Greg Black series. This provides brilliance and evenness to the sound, but not as much as the Light Weight series.

NEW! 4GSW, 4.5GSW, 5GSW mouthpieces. These have the 4GS rim and bore, and a #1 backbore. They are slightly deeper than a 4GS cup but not as deep as a 4GSD. They may be special ordered for custom pricing.


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