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Marcus Bonna MB-8M French Horn Case with Sheet Music Bag

Original price $550.00 - Original price $675.00
Original price
$550.00 - $675.00
Current price $615.00
Color: Beige Nylon and Brown Leather

What's the difference between an MB-8 and an MB-8M? Read our review.

The MB-8M was designed for medium-sized horns, although we have had no problems fitting a Geyer with a Yamaha bell ring in ours. If your horn is larger than average, you may want the MB-8. We also are happy to arrange special orders for the MB-8S for small-body horns at 817-993-6400 ex 1.

Don't see the colors you like here? Check out the Marcus Bonna Options page.


This case is incredibly roomy inside! It has straps for a straight mute and a stop mute, a bag for oils underneath the bell, and a large compartment for tuners and other accessories. Plus on the outside you can fit a sheet music and small laptop or tablet in the zippered pouch. At 22 in long, it qualifies as a carryon for most airlines, and its flat profile means it is easy to pack in a car among other luggage. A great case for a frequent traveler!

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