Houghton Horns Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Don’t know what to get that brass musician in your life? Here’s a starting point for your search.

Click here for advice on “Choosing a Mute”.

Click here for a guide to Marcus Bonna horn cases.

Want a gift receipt? We are happy to provide one upon request. Gift wrap options are available for $2.49 on the product pages for most accessories and sheet music.

Gifts Under $50

“In the right hands, the horn is the most beautiful instrument in the orchestra. In the wrong hands, it’s still better than the trumpet.” (No trumpet players were harmed in the making of this shirt.)

Gifts Under $150

As a brass player, this kit is essential for all your rudimentary DIY repairs and quick fixes.
This system allows for a ‘Zero Gravity’ feel when playing, unlocking a new level of freedom and ease.
This handy practice mute adjust to fit in any trumpet bell, and offers dual functionality as a buzzing tool.


You’ll never want to leave home without this trusty backpack case! Room for your instrument, music, accessories, laptop, tablet—everything but the kitchen sink!

Travel anywhere in style with this sleek detachable bell bass trombone case from MB. Do you only have a fixed bell bass trombone? Our repair shop can help with that!

The most contemporary and elegant horn case on the market, with multiple exterior & interior color options. Fully customizable to fit any make of horn!

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