Wishlist Instructions

An arrow showing where to find the Wishlist from a customer's main account page

Click here to create an account or log in. You can access your account at any time through the main menu bar.

Warning: You must be logged in to access or edit your Wishlist.

an arrow pointing to the notifications settings on a customer wishlist

On your account page, open your Wishlist. Click on the Notifications settings.

There are three notification options:

  1. Product promoted: receive an email when the product goes on sale.
  2. Product price changed: receive an email when the price of the product changes.
  3. Product stock status changed: receive an email when the product is in stock.

On the bottom-right you have the option to share your wishlist — great for sharing gift ideas with friends and family!

an arrow pointing out the Add to Wishlist button on a product page

Now click the “Add to Wishlist” button on any product to receive an email when the price or availability changes.

You can stop the emails at any time by deleting that product from your Wishlist or turning off email notifications.

If you opt into these emails, we may (rarely) send you special offers related to the products on your Wishlist.