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Dürk ab Aeturnum horn on tree stump

An enterprise without vision is like a tree without water.

This is Dürk’s philosophy, especially when it comes to building instruments that are a little different, a touch more beautiful, a bit more advanced.

The LDx5 “Rhenish” Anniversary Edition Double Horn

The LDx5 is the wonderful result of an auspicious collaboration between two master horn builders: Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk. Masterful workmanship and the best materials have combined with years of experience to yield fantastic results. The “Rhenish” variant is exclusive to Houghton Horns. It features a different bracing pattern than the standard LDx5. More specifically, the leadpipe and F branch are attached to the horn via a long bead of solder instead of being braced to the horn. This gives the horn a richer sound than the standard LDx5.

Lewis & Dürk LDX5 "Rhenish" Anniversary Edition

The D10 Alegrini Experience

Experience. Harmonization. Creation.

Attributes one could use to describe the cooperation of Dürk Horns and Maestro Alessio Allegrini. With the model “D10 Allegrini Experience” Dürk has initiated change and reinvented everything. The air column always oscillates in the same direction, and all valves also rotate in one direction along with the air. Everything in harmony. All acting in concert.

Duerk D10 Allegrini Experience double French horn

The ab Aeturnum Triple

The best materials and craftsmanship combine to allow you free range of expression and limitless artistic possibilities. Seamless integration of all three horns: singing high notes, a predictable mid range, and a thumping low register. Weighing in at only 2.700 grams (5.95 lbs), the ab Aeternum triple horn delivers quick, even, and true response throughout all registers.

Dürk ab. Aeternum triple French horn

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