Terms & Conditions:

Through January 2nd 2023, get a $200 gift card with the purchase of a qualifying new instrument!

The gift cards never expire. They are only valid for merchandise through Houghton Horns Sales, not repairs or customizations through the repair shop.

The gift card is only in effect as long as the qualifying purchase is in effect. If the original qualifying purchase is returned or refunded, the gift card will be disabled. Any amount of the gift card that has been used will be deducted from your refund.

The promotion only applies to new, complete instruments. It does not apply to pre-owned instruments. It does not apply to parts of instruments such as French horn bell flares or trombone hand slides.

Qualifying Brands:

  • Dieter Otto
  • Dürk
  • Engelbert Schmid
  • Finke
  • Paxman
  • Ricco Kühn
  • Stomvi
  • Thein
  • Verus

If you have any questions about the promotion, please feel free to contact us at sales@houghtonhorns.com  or 817-993-6400 ex 1.