Consignment Policy

Our current consignment fee for brass instruments is 20% (minimum fee: $550).

Why should you consign an instrument with us?

  1. We accept credit cards and offer generous financing terms for all instruments we sell at no additional cost to you. This provides more options for customers to purchase your horn than would be privately available, or that are available at many of our competitors.
  2. We offer free shipping for all of our instruments at no additional cost to you. This lowers the barrier for potential customers to purchase your instrument.
  3. You are protected from potential scammers. We require full verified payment upfront before shipping out a horn.
  4. We post your horn on our very popular website with high quality photos using a professional DSLR camera and professional lighting. We also post onto other popular sources for pre-owned instruments.
  5. When shipping your horn out we pack it using a new 250 lb. test double walled box and we exceed carrier recommended packing suggestions. We also insure all shipments. This is done at no additional cost to you.
  6. We will warranty and stand behind your instrument for one year from the date of purchase at no additional cost to you. This gives potential customers the confidence to buy your horn from us instead of using sites like eBay, Craigslist, or other classified listing sites.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to prepare an instrument for sale before posting photos on our website. Houghton Horns will display the item alongside our large selection of new and pre-owned instruments in our showroom. Houghton Horns may also transport the item to trade shows and workshops. After the item is sold Houghton Horns will warranty it for a year (unless it was listed in AS-IS condition or if it is an item other than a horn).

There are no upfront costs to consign an instrument unless the horn requires extensive repair or restoration. The item will be listed and sold for a price mutually agreed to by both the consigner and Houghton Horns. A consignment fee based on the final sale price will be deducted from the proceeds. A cleaning fee of $90 for single horns, trumpets, and trombones, $120 for bass trombones, $150 for double horns, $250 for triple horns or a play condition fee of $75 will be also be taken out of the proceeds. Houghton Horns will determine which service(s) the instrument needs, if any. The cleaning fee includes a full ultrasonic cleaning, new strings and rotor bumpers (for horns), and minor repair (including small cosmetic improvements). The play condition fee includes new strings and rotor bumpers (for horns), a full lubrication of the instrument, and minor repair. If the consigner’s item requires extensive repair it will be placed on our schedule, the cost of the repairs will be billed to you separately, and payment will be due upon completion of the work at which time it will be listed.

Either the consigner or Houghton Horns can choose to cease the consignment of the item at any time. If the item does not sell within one year Houghton Horns will end the consignment (does not apply to “specialty” instruments, i.e. descant and triple horns, natural horns, right-handed horns, etc). If a consignment ends without a sale (for any reason) the consigner will be responsible for any work that may have been done to the horn. Transportation to and from the consigner is the consigner’s sole responsibility. Houghton Horns will insure and make all reasonable efforts to protect the consigner’s property. However, the consigner agrees not to hold Houghton Horns or any of its agents liable for loss in the case of theft, fire, terrorism, transit loss, natural disaster, or Act of God. Houghton Horns recommends that the consigner maintain insurance on their property.

To consign an instrument with Houghton Horns please follow these steps:

  1. Print and complete our consignment form, which can be found here.
  2. Send the form via email to to let us know the instrument is on its way.
  3. Bring or ship the instrument to the shop. Shipping instructions can be found at Please include a copy of the consignment form in the box.
  4. We’ll contact you about the cleaning/play condition and any other repairs that may be needed.
  5. After the instrument is sold and the purchaser’s 7-day return period has passed we’ll send you a check based on the actual sales price minus the consignment fee and the cleaning/play condition fee.

Consignment Agreement

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