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Auferstehung (Resurrection) Chorale from Symphony No. 2 by Gustav Mahler, Arranged for 12 Horns by Spike Maiden Mueller

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Arranger's Notes:

Many, though not all, dynamic markings herein are the original from the orchestral score. This chorale was originally scored for almost completely a capella voices, with just a bit of low strings sneaking in to bolster low bass parts and provide color, and the mezzo-soprano solo taking up the highest line. Keep this and a careful sense of balance in mind when making decisions as to actual dynamic levels. I have added a few louder markings where I believe it will help preserve balance and clarity of contrapuntal lines.

It is customary to take tempi at a slower pace than indicated, with fermatas and cesuras (my additions to the score) given considerable weight. This must be balanced against the conductor's knowledge of his or her players' numbers (it would certainly be permissible to double parts, which would facilitate longer phrases with fewer audible breaths,) breath capacity, and dynamic capabilities.


This performance of the Auferstehung Chorale by full orchestra will give you a taste for how the horn arrangement will sound:

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