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Houghton Horns

Basic Brass Instrument Repair Kit

Basic Brass Instrument Repair Kit

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This kit is designed for band directors and ensemble leaders who need to keep a variety of rotary valve instruments, from trombones to trumpets, in good operating condition. Everything you need to get started on simple repairs, so you spend less time dropping instruments off at the repair shop.

  • A rawhide mallet for reinstalling top bearing plates and removing stuck bells and mouthpieces
  • A metal rod for removing rotors
  • A variety of rotor bumpers for rotary valves
  • A utility knife for trimming rotor bumpers to size
  • A double-headed screwdriver with a flathead and Philips head for replacing rotor string and inserting rotor bumpers
  • 12 pieces of rotor string for rotary valves
  • A wooden dowel for reinstalling top bearing plates
  • 2′ of steel wire for fishing out foreign objects
  • Hetman and Superslick lubricants for valves, rotors, bearings, linkages, and slides
  • A convenient vinyl carry pouch
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