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Engelbert Schmid

Engelbert Schmid Double Horn - Serial #: 10 (Pre-Owned)

Engelbert Schmid Double Horn - Serial #: 10 (Pre-Owned)

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The basic piece of equipment for the professional, an instrument that is perfect in its playing qualities and aesthetics. This horn produces a particularly noble sound with immense dynamic range. It’s as flexible and agile as a woodwind instrument, with a comfortable feel, smooth valve slurs, and an extremely secure high range. Changeable from Bb/F to F/Bb. Handmade in Germany.


Compression Ratings

Open Valve 1 Valve 2 Valve 3
F .5 2 2 1
Bb .5 1 1 1

The compression ratings measure how well an instrument's valves prevent air from leaking. Instruments with leaky valves may feel "loose", may have trouble centering, and may take more energy to play. All compression ratings are on a scale from 0 (best) to 8 (worst). In general we recommend that valves with a rating of 5 or more have a valve rebuild.

Type: Double Horn F/Bb

Body: Yellow brass

Bell Size: Medium

Bell Type: Detachable

Finish: Lacquered

Lever Action: String linkages

Leadpipe: Yellow Brass

Valve Rotors: Solid

Number of Valves: 4

Bore: 12 mm

Finger Hook: Fixed

Thumb Lever: Fixed

Hand Rest: None

Water Keys: 1, Standard-style

Case: None

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