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Geyer Schmidt Double Horn - Serial #: N/A (Pre-Owned)

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A Schmidt-style professional model double French horn in F/Bb.

Upon immigrating to the US, Mr. Geyer worked for Richard Wunderlich in Chicago. He assembled scores of the classic Schmidt model horns before Mr. Wunderlich retired around 1920.

This unique horn shows the evolution of Geyer's skills as he developed his own style. It features identical bracing and classic traits of the Wunderlich horns, along with characteristic Geyer craftsmanship. The distinctive "pigtail" loop in the F tubing allows for easy emptying of water, unlike most Schmidt models.

The bell is stamped "C. Geyer Chicago": Mr. Geyer sometimes stamped his name (usually on an experimental or development model), rather than paying to have a horn engraved!  We've no explanation for the reversed F and Bb ranks of slide crooks, but this design finds precedent in examples from Sprinz of Berlin and horns by Lorenzo Sansone.

This horn has been authenticated as genuine Geyer by Dale Clevenger, Ron Pinc, and Paul Navarro. It is in superb original condition, with evidence of a valve rebuild sometime in its past. Compression is quite good (Houghton Horns will provide the Magnehelic pressure rating on request).

Production date: Circa 1920



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