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Horn Warm-Up by Paul Basler

Horn Warm-Up by Paul Basler

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"Horn Warm-Up is a set of exercises that I have collected over the past 15 years in search of the most successful way to start each working day. They do not presume to be “original”—arpeggios, scales and long tones are used by us all every day. You will notice portions of this warm-up that seem very familiar; perhaps you use several of them in your own daily routine. What is different about this set is the way in which they are presented—their ordering is specifically designed to get the maximum results with as little fatigue as possible. These exercises are for the hornist who wants to have complete control of the entire range, a fluid, warm sound, and “athletic” agility. These are not for the meek at heart! They are rather difficult, but perseverance will result in a greater command of your instrument and musicality."

-- Paul Basler

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