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Houghton Horns Mouthpiece Teacher Set

Original price $837.00 - Original price $954.00
Original price
$837.00 - $954.00
Current price $837.00
Level: High School

Set includes:

  • H1 underpart, Morse, stainless steel
  • H2 underpart, Morse, stainless steel
  • H3 underpart, Morse, stainless steel
  • H1 underpart, Morse, raw brass
  • H1 17.25mm rim, stainless steel
  • H1 17.50mm rim, stainless steel
  • H1 17.75mm rim, stainless steel
  • H1 18.00mm rim, stainless steel
  • H1 18.25mm rim, stainless steel (University Set only)
  • H1 18.50mm rim, stainless steel (University Set only)
  • H2 17.75mm rim, stainless steel
  • H3 17.75mm rim, stainless steel

We are happy to customize teacher sets upon request.

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