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Introducing the F Attachment for Trombone by Reginald Fink

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Designed for both tenor trombone players who have just gotten their first F attachment trombone and as a primer for beginning bass trombonists. Progressively arranged, it begins with fundamental tone and breath building etudes and then provides a section that focuses on specific exercises for each of the 6 positions available on the F attachment. Each of the 6 sections has several one-line etudes and several short etudes for the complete mastery of the 2 notes in that position. Each section expands and builds on the previous sections until the student has a complete command of all 6 positions and all 12 notes on the F attachment. When the final etudes have been mastered the student has complete command of the F attachment.

The Preface topics are Handle with Care, Use Proper Hand Grips, Learn the F Attachment Positions, and Tune the F Attachment.

A Maintenance Section covers Oiling the Valve, Quieting Noisy Valve Bearings, Removing Condensation from the Valve Section, Replacing the String on the Valve with a String Connection, Quieting the Mechanism on the Valve with a Mechanical Connection, Adjusting the Bumpers, Disassembling the Rotary Valve, and Freeing Slow or Sticking Rotary Valves.

Three appendices are Emory Remington's Smoothness and Relaxation in 6 different keys, Scales into the Low Register, and Scales in a Diatonic Pattern.

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