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Introductory Studies in Tenor and Alto Clef: "Before Blazhevich" by Brad Edwards

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A collection of etudes and studies designed to help students of the trombone learn alto and tenor clefs. Exercises in melodic lines, leaps, and switching from clef to clef. With an introduction.


A better way to learn tenor and alto clef.

Clefs are introduced methodically using….

• Guidepost notes: repeated use of certain notes to ‘burn in’ recognition, making it automatic.
• Stepwise and limited-range melodies
• Moving on the more intervals and trickier leaps

Reviews / Endorsements

“I plan on making this book my primary method for the teaching of tenor and alto clef. What I like most is Brad’s use of a “Guidepost” system that most of my students will understand and remember. Other great aspects of the book are the pacing (it progresses quite nicely), the written commentary, and the use of new unfamiliar melodies. Congratulations on adding a new and relevant book to the resources for trombone.”

Keith Jackson, West Virginia University

“Great book, well organized. A very interesting and useful step by step method to learning clefs. Particularly useful is Brad’s idea of guidepost notes. Highly recommended!”

Don Lucas, Boston University

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