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Mother Goose Tales for Horn, Narrator, and Piano by Jeffrey Agrell

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Composer's Notes:

Mother Goose Tales owes its existence to a student of mine, Michelle Hascall, who was in need of one more piece for her recital, with the restriction that it be something for children with an instrumentation of horn, piano, and narrator. Since I had just finished a one-year stint as a Saturday-morning storyteller in a children’s bookshop, and a five-year stint as a bedtime storytelling father, the idea of setting some nursery rhymes to fill the bill came to mind immediately. There are a huge number of Mother Goose rhymes, some very well known, many much less familiar. I chose some of both types—eight in all?—selected for variety, humor, musical possibilities, and rhythm. The order of the movements was determined by Michelle.


Wee Willie Winkie

Three Wise Men from Gotham

Dance to Your Daddy

Dr. Fell

Monday’s Child

Two Cats of Kilkenny

The Man in the Wilderness

Little Miss Muffett

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