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Paxman 40M Descant Horn - Serial #11728 (Pre-Owned)

by Paxman
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This horn was built in 1972 for the Swedish Opera.  It features a valve rebuild in 2017.

The Paxman Model 40 began with Richard Merewether’s association with Paxman in the 1940s, when he approached the company with his ideas for a descant horn in f-alto. This eventually culminated in the Paxman Bb/f-alto double descant which quickly became and remains the benchmark for this kind of horn. This model features the original Paxman designed valve, which diverts the airway from a point close to the mouthpiece where the tube diameter is small. This allows both the Bb and f-alto horns to have the correct and individual tapers for both mouthpipe and branch. The two sides then converge in the same valve when the bore of both horns has expanded to match the final approach to the bell throat.

Compression Ratings

Open Valve 1 Valve 2 Valve 3
Bb 1.5 1.5 1 1
F-alto 1 1.5 1 1.5

The compression ratings measure how well an instrument's valves prevent air from leaking. Instruments with leaky valves may feel "loose", may have trouble centering, and may take more energy to play. All compression ratings are on a scale from 0 (best) to 8 (worst). In general we recommend that valves with a rating of 5 or more have a valve rebuild.

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