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Paxman 45M Heritage Descant Horn (Special Order)

Paxman 45M Heritage Descant Horn (Special Order)

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The Paxman Model 45 Heritage by popular request was built to hark back to an older, original Paxman design and at the same time incorporate the latest modern innovations. The result is the model 45 Heritage descant horn. Built in Yellow brass with a Medium, detachable bell, this instrument is based on the older style Paxman descant horns designed and built in the 1960s-1980s but has many features not possible, or not yet imagined, when this style of horn was previously built.

I use the Paxman 45M Heritage as my personal descant horn. I knew from the moment I played it for the first time that it was something special. It has a gorgeous sound and a light feel. Modern linkages and the compact valve section result in an easy and quick valve action. The transition between the Bb and F-alto sides of the horn is even. This is the descant horn that I would recommend first to any serious players.

-Dr. Derek J. Wright

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