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Paxman Descant 40L Horn - Serial #: 8793L (Pre-Owned)

by Paxman
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A professional model double descant French horn in Bb/f-alto.

Descant horns are typically built as double horns that stand in Bb with an F alto side that is shorter than the F side of a standard double horn. They are ideal for playing high, light literature. 

Richard Merewether's association with Paxman started with alto horns. First, he designed a single horn in f-alto then the first dual-bore F/f-alto double horn, and subsequently a Bb/f-alto. This was a huge breakthrough in horn design, and Paxman descants have been regarded as the benchmark for this kind of horn. The Merewether system, in which air flows through both the F and Bb sides of the horn in the same direction, produces liquid-smooth slurs and minimizes any acoustic disturbance by the valve change.

This descant has a large bell throat.  It is also equipped with a stopping valve.

This 40L is from August 1979. Richard (Dick) Merewether was an acoustical genius when it came to the horn, even publishing a book on horn design called The Horn, the Horn... in 1978. The formidable duo of Merewether and Paxman needs no introduction- these horns are developed and crafted meticulously. This 40L is a great descant and is a steal to add to your collection of horns.

-Dr. Sally Podrebarac

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