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S.E. Shires Custom Model CVLA-L Bb Trumpet

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"This horn was designed by retired U.S. Army Blues lead trumpet player Mark Wood to mimic the feel of his vintage Burbank-era Benge Medium Large Plus (MLP) commercial trumpet. Its yellow brass finish is more lightweight than traditional silver-plated horns, which lends it extraordinary efficiency in the upper register and at louder dynamics. Trumpet players who typically prefer medium-large horns will likely find that the CVLA-L Bb trumpet is not too open despite its large bore, and hence will not struggle with endurance. Lead and commercial trumpet players will find that this horn allows them to do their job with a fraction of the effort."

-Renee McGee, Shires Rising Artist


Shires website description:

The S.E. Shires Model CVLA-L (Vintage Los Angeles) Bb trumpet was created to incorporate the best aspects of prized vintage horns with the modern centering and intonation for which S.E. Shires instruments are known. This new line of commercial model trumpets features the broadest S.E. Shires trumpet bell taper which produces a wide variety of tone colors easily throughout the range of the instrument. Narrow bracing contributes to the instrument’s superlative response and ease of attack. This large bore (.462) option with extra lightweight bell creates a very responsive horn with a large projecting sound.

Amazingly open and efficient, the sound of this instruments is colorful and flexible with strong slotting in the upper register. This model trumpet was created in collaboration with the highest discerning commercial players in the industry.



  • Bore: .462 inch
  • CVLA Bell: 4 3⁄4 inch, one piece, hand-hammered "C" (open) taper in extra light-weight yellow brass with traditionally brazed (side) seam and french bead
  • UE7 Leadpipe: .347-inch venturi, lightweight yellow brass—open, flexible and projecting, yet remarkably efficient
  • Narrow Tuning Slide: standard water key; efficient and flexible
  • Piston Material: hand-lapped Monel
  • Valve Cluster: two-piece casings, lightweight, with yellow-brass balusters
  • Lower Valve Caps: lightweight yellow brass
  • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark, model designation, and traditional floral pattern
  • Finish: lacquer
  • Includes S.E. Shires single trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit

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