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Thein Ariosa Tenor Trombone with Soundline Case - Serial #73-5441 (Demo)

by Thein
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$5,724.00 - $5,724.00
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This gorgeous trombone was on display at ITF 2021, which will earn you a 10% demo discount. You can't beat this bargain!


World-class instruments of the finest quality

With the power of fire and with the sun in their hearts, the Thein brothers make trumpets, trombones, horns, tubas, and percussion. In perfect craftsmanship and with absolute precision Thein creates inspired instruments. The sound, created with millimeter fineness and the might of the hammer, is the instruments' key to success. Their Bremen workshop produces sounds that can be heard far beyond the city boundaries. Take your time and you will discover the care and the love of manufacturing in the brilliant sound.


The THEIN “Ariosa” Tenor Trombone is the youngest member of the “Universal” tenor trombone family. It was developed with and for Michael Massong (International Soloist and member of the Marine Musikkorps Wilhelmshaven, Germany).

The sound is clear and puristic as well as the noble appearance – that is the “Ariosa”.

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