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Will Sanders Y6 Double Horn

by Finke
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The patented valve system was equipped with a B / F double valve sleeve. With a high precision CNC machine and the latest measurement technology, this housing is made from a solid block of ECO metal. The soldering of so-called ears and putting the individual rotary valves against each other is therefore unnecessary. Unevenness in production is avoided, the air flows more smoothly past the smooth wall without friction and constriction. The housing can be made thinner, without losing stability, gaining significantly better resonance, dynamics and articulation for the entire horn. The rubbers are firmly inserted in the housing and there are no horseshoes attached to the housing. In the housing itself there are ball bearings in which the cylinders (stainless steel or titanium) are used. The housing is closed from the top by a cover with ball bearings. The valves on the B and F horns turn against the air flow and make a nice soft legato possible. The ball bearings prevent the metal or cylinder from rubbing off and the valves are less susceptible to regular maintenance. The Y6 model has a long lead pipe until the air enters the valve housing and is similar to the K model from H.F. Knopf or Carl Geyer model. Because the shafts of the mouthpieces are different and the mouthpiece should fit well in the leadpipe, an adapter for the German or American shaft / backbore is used accordingly. The B / F changeover valve with ball bearing is located vertically behind the valve block and allows the air flow to flow through without reduction and bending. Upon request, the materials such as brass, gold brass, nickel silver, titanium, stainless steel or the conical shapes such as the leadpipe or bell can be changed in consultation with the manufacturer.

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