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Wiseman Carbon Fiber 'Opera' French Horn Case (Demo)

by Wiseman
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This Wiseman case has been used as a demo by Howard Wiseman and has been transported to multiple trade shows. It has minor scratches and some indications of wear.

Size: 23 inches long; 6.5 inches wide; 16 inches high

Case weight: light. Approximately 4.5 lbs


  • Very slim design to ensure a good fit in all small aeroplane luggage lockers/compartments.
  • French Horn body and bell both suspended and held on adjustable rubber blocks.
  • Hard, solid light-weight shell made from carbon fibre.
  • Specific spaces for two mutes, three mouthpieces,mouthpiece pouch, leather accessory bag ( included)  for valve oils, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Fully adjustable to fit any French horn, even triple deckers and horns with unusual extra protrusions and U bends.
  • Holds music inside the case – even full size orchestral scores.
  • Adjustable music storage area divide ( removed from photographs to show inside detail of case), to fit around single, double or even triple-decker horns.
  • Designed to be especially comfortable when worn as a back-pack – complete with two thick leather shoulder straps and padded  shoulder grips.
  • Lether handles with wrap-around soft leather grip and leather handle at top end of the case.
  • The case works brilliantly as a horn stand when the horn is fully assembled.

The Wiseman Carbon Fibre French Horn case carries a lifetime guarantee.

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