Alexander 107 Descant – Serial #: N/A


– Key: Bb/High F
– Bore: 12,1 mm
– Bell flare diameter: 310 mm
– Bell throat: Medium
– Body size: Medium
– Material: Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver
– No. of valves: 6
– No. of thumb valves: 2
– Fully independent BB and F valve slides
– Tuning bit in the mouthpiece receiver
– Additional thumb valve in A and stopping extension

As technical perfection has become more and more important, increasing numbers of hornists demand instruments that offer more security while still providing the ideal romantic sound. The challenge is to successfully combine the rich tone of the Bb horn with the increased security of the high F horn. Gebr. Alexander has worked on this problem for many years, and the latest result is the Bb/high F double descant horn Model 107.

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 25 x 12 in


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