Antoine Courtois Legend 420BO Tenor Trombone with Rotary F Attachment



  • Tenor Trombone Bb/F
  • .547 Bore
  • Open Wrap with Standard Rotor
  • 8.5 Hand-hammered One-Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Standard Yellow Brass Slide with Nickel Sleeves
  • Fixed Brass Leadpipe
  • Lacquered

Antoine Courtois Legend 420 trombones have entirely handmade bells which adapt over time to a musician’s playing. With their elegant and homogenous sound, yellow brass bells provide a nice balance between the various playing parameters, making it the most widely used and widely played alloy in the world.

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Antoine Courtois has set itself apart as a top-end manufacturer of brass instruments for over two centuries. Founded in 1803, the Courtois family had already been making its first cavalry trumpets since 1789, but their legacy of French instrument making came into its own at their Amboise workshops. Dedicated to international orchestral musicians and soloists, Courtois offers different models with a wide range of options to satisfy each musician’s specific needs. With a rich tradition of skills that have been handed down through generations, Courtois instruments produce a unique, soulful sound, and occupy an honorable position in the world’s most famous orchestras.

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Weight5.5 lbs
Dimensions48 × 13 × 10 in


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