Engelbert Schmid “Golden Cut” Double


  • Double Horn F/Bb
  • Yellow Brass
  • Unlacquered
  • String Linkage
  • Detachable Medium Spun Bell Flare
  • No Case Included

The basic piece of equipment for the professional, an instrument that is perfect in its playing qualities and aesthetics. This horn produces a particularly noble sound with immense dynamic range. It’s as flexible and agile as a woodwind instrument, with a comfortable feel, smooth valve slurs, and an extremely secure high range. Changeable from Bb/F to F/Bb. Handmade in Germany.

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Engelbert Schmid was solo horn with the Munich Radio Orchestra for ten years, after holding positions with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin and the Berlin Philharmonic. In 1980, Schmid exhibited his horns for the first time, and in 1990 he established his own workshop. As a master craftsman, he has personally trained all of his present factory workers. When examining Schmid’s different horn models, one immediately sees the influence of an experienced and passionate horn player. A revolutionary one-piece, free-flowing valve design is quite notable. In addition, the B-flat sides of all Engelbert Schmid horns can be lowered to A or raised to B-natural, allowing performance of repertoire in challenging keys to be transposed and performed more comfortably. Engelbert Schmid Horns are available in different bell sizes: small (“kompakt”), medium (“golden cut” ) and wide (“Hollywood sound”). The medium and wide sizes differ only in the taper of the bell flare, so that with a screw bell horn it is possible to change from one size to another simply by changing flares. Many players elect to purchase at least two bell different flare sizes for use with different types of music. Four alloys (brass, gold brass, nickel silver, and sterling silver) in combination with different detachable flare sizes complete the choices and provide for a diverse range of sound variations. One can also choose a bell made in authentic historical fashion, out of one piece and hammered by hand. Other possibilities for small chamber orchestras or high baroque works include a bell in the Vienna classical diameter of 28 cm or even 25 cm instead of 31 cm. All bores are modeled on proven historical precedents, with mathematical corrections that provide the following advantages: nobility and radiance of sound, efficient projection and response, improved security and intonation. Truly modular and state-of-the-art, Schmid’s versatile instruments entice one to be musically creative and play magically!

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions23 × 15 × 13 in


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