Engelbert Schmid Yellow Brass Bell, Medium, Hand-Hammered, with Garland


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Yellow Brass: Elegant, bright but rich, smooth tone colors from sweet to extremely brassy. The most versatile alloy. Those with an embouchure producing a naturally dark tone should choose brass. For approximately 80% of horn players yellow brass is the right choice.

Medium: Elegant, clear, and stable, with a slight advantage in the high register over the Wide bell.

Garland: With a weight of only 60 grams, the tastefully decorated garland from Engelbert Schmid does not deaden the sound. The garland causes a bit more resistance, and a somewhat rounder sound that gets brassy later, but more suddenly. Without the garland the transition to a brassy sound is more even. About 20% of horn players sound better with the light garland from Engelbert Schmid.

Hand-Hammered: Engelbert Schmid hand-hammered bell flares are cut out of one piece of metal, bent into shape, then soldered with one seam. They are then hammered into symmetrical shape. Only during the final are they put on the press and, by turning and pressing, fitted exactly onto the bell mold. Because of the necessary stretching of the material due to the flare of the bell it becomes thinner towards the edges. At the screw ring it stays thicker than a spun bell and therefore is more resistant to sweat.

Because hand-hammered bells without a garland can bend easily, you should not lift the horn by the edge of the bell. With Engelbert Schmid bells it is no problem to straighten a bent bell edge. Stability was probably the original reason for adding garlands, not sound. Hand-hammering stresses the material to a great extreme, which changes the structure, and definitely changes the sound a bit. The crucial factor is that the material becomes thinner towards the edge, farther from the player, and therefore vibrates better with the sound. A hand-hammered bell sounds more old-fashioned and darker than a spun bell. The thin end of the bell produces a very warm center to the tone in piano, and at the same time a more pleasant brassiness in fortissimo. The hand-hammered bells are available with or without garland.

Even an increased thickness of 0.05 mm makes the instrument harder to play and less flexible. A hand-hammered bell must be very thin. Just about everyone who has a chance to compare prefers the hand-hammered bell to the spun one.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in


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