Giddings Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

Giddings mouthpieces are made from the finest surgical stainless steel and titanium.

Surgical stainless steel and titanium are proven safe materials that are used from medical applications to food preparation – and now instrument mouthpieces! Stainless steel and titanium project vibrations into the instrument, giving the player more control and making it easier to produce the sound the player desires.

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Orchestral tenor trombone mouthpiece similar to Bach 5G rim diameter. The Euros has a focused sound with clean articulations, blends well, and can cut when needed. With a slightly larger throat than a traditional Bach 5G, the Euros has more room for dynamic contrast while retaining the beautiful upper overtones of the tenor trombone voice. Its semi-flat rim contour is great for endurance and articulation.

The Kadja is one of Giddings’ most popular tenor trombone mouthpieces. Rim 1.012 and throat .285. This mouthpiece has a deep funnel shape cup. Designed to carry the largest of ensembles. Great mouthpiece for those who are looking for a huge sound without loss of clarity and articulation. Kadja is a steady breeze off the sea in Bali.

A true classic tenor trombone voice with the feel and advantage of stainless steel. The TZ -103 cup and backbore combine to make a mouthpiece that responds easily, plays in tune, and projects like gangbusters. With a slightly larger inner rim diameter than a 5G, this is made for people who like a wider rim diameter (like a 4G), while still retaining ease of flexibility, range, and clean articulation.

The NB-100 is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a mouthpiece that is well balanced and easy to articulate, with a pure, clear, and brilliant tone. Designed for players who want a mouthpiece that is easy to play through all registers. Based on a 6 1/2 Al size cup with a slightly larger inner rim diameter for comfort and flexibility.

The NB-101 has a wider flat rim that measures 1.010 in diameter. Designed around a Bach 6 1/2 al cup, but with more shimmer and zip. Clarity of tone and ease of playing in the extreme highs really make this a fun mouthpiece to play.

The NB-102 has a wider flat rim that measures 1.020 in diameter. Designed around a Bach 6 1/2 al cup, but with more shimmer and zip. Clarity of tone and ease of playing in the extreme highs really make this a fun mouthpiece to play. With more room for your chops to relax and buzz!

Ron Wilkins
The combination of larger rim diameter with a slightly shallower cup and an easily controlled backbore really knock the ball out of the park in live solo performance settings. Designed to facilitate rapid interval skips, lip slurs, and fast articulated passages with a brilliant tone.

Dragon’s Breath Finish

Dragon’s Breath makes articulations a snap and projection even easier.  By heat-treating the material Giddings makes each mouthpiece close to 25% harder. The heat treatment adds a totally unique beautiful gold, blue, tan, and purple finish on your mouthpiece.  Each finish is slightly different due to changes in weather and heat.  Add Dragon’s Breath and gain faster articulation and project even more sound with better control and less effort.  The finishes will change with time, but the hardness and clarity of sound will last forever.

Tenor TromboneRim DiameterThroatCup DepthRim Width
Sonny Ausman1.0080.2641.150.285
Seiji Nakazawa1.0150.2341.0050.25
Gianluca Scipioni1.02020.282/2631.280.2756
Joe Jefferson1.0220.2631.240.263
Domingo Pagliuca1.0380.2851.1330.2756
Ron Wilkins1.0630.2821.0020.255

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Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

Euros, Kadja, TZ-103, NB-100, NB-101, NB-102, Ron Wilkins


Small Shank, Large Shank


Satin Finish Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Dragons Breath


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