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Houghton Horns is pleased to feature Hetman (R) Lubricants, a wide range of application-specific products for the discriminating musician. Hetman lubricants are non-toxic and compatible with conventional petroleum-based oils.

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Hetman Synthetic Rotor Lubricants provide for long-lasting rotary valve performance. These lubricants will protect rotors and valve casings against corrosion and wear while improving valve seal. Hetman Synthetic Rotor Lubricants will not swell rubber bumpers or damage plastic components. The 22 ml long-tipped precision needle oiler facilitates application through the slide tubes. Available in two nontoxic, non-gumming viscosity grades.

Suggested applications:

#11 – LIGHT ROTOR Oil – Formulated specifically for close tolerance rotors.

#12 – ROTOR Oil – Designed for instruments with rotors having average clearance.


Hetman Synthetic Bearing Lubricants are designed to protect rotary valve spindle bearings, the most critical wear points of the rotary valve. Spindle bearings require lubricants that allow the rotor to move quickly while simultaneously combating the tremendous stresses these components are subjected to. Hetman Synthetic Bearing Lubricants are engineered to ensure maximum wear protection without slowing the action. These bearing lubricants protect against corrosion and will not damage plastic components or swell rubber bumpers. 22 ml precision needle oiler.

Available in two nontoxic, non-gumming viscosity grades:

#13 – LIGHT BEARING – Designed for close tolerance spindle bearings.

#13.5 – MEDIUM BEARING & LINKAGE – A higher viscosity version of #13.

#14 – BEARING & LINKAGE – Formulated for instruments with spindle bearings of average clearance. This lubricant is also an excellent choice for spherical rod end bearings (e.g. “Minibal” and “Unibal” linkage joints) and other linkage components.

LINKAGE and BALL JOINT Applications

Hetman Synthetic Linkage and Ball Joint Lubricants are formulated for superior performance and protection of rotary valve linkage components: spherical rod end bearings (e.g. “Minibal” and “Unibal”), linkage joints, cross joints, lever hinges and ball joints. These lubricants combat wear; provide for positive, quiet actions; and prevent corrosion of linkage components. These formulations are nontoxic and non-damaging to plastic components and rubber bumpers. Packaged in 22 ml precision needle oilers.

#14 – BEARING & LINKAGE – For spherical rod end bearings (e.g. “Minibal” and “Unibal”), linkage joints, cross joints and lever hinges. Also recommended for rotary valve spindle bearings (see spindle bearing application above).

#15 – BALL JOINT – A heavy viscosity lubricant designed specifically for ball joints. This synthetic quiets noisy joints and assures a smooth action by functioning as both a lubricant and a vibration dampening agent. Although formulated for ball joints typically exhibiting looser tolerances, this lubricant has found wide use on pivot screws, worn linkage components, screw bell threads, valve stem threads, and valve cap threads. Will not harm plastic joints.


Hetman Synthetic Piston Lubricants provide superior wear and corrosion protection for all types of piston valves. Whether your instrument has Monel, stainless steel, or nickel-plated pistons, these long-lasting, non-gumming lubricants will provide for an action that is smooth, quick and consistent. Three nontoxic viscosity grades are available in 60 ml controlled dropper tip bottles.

Suggested applications:

#1 – LIGHT PISTON – Specifically formulated for close tolerance piston valves.

#2 – PISTON – Designed for instruments with piston valves having average clearance.

#3 – CLASSIC PISTON – Synthetic protection for your classic instrument. Specially formulated oil helps to seal piston valves that exhibit greater than average clearance. Helps prevent valves from sticking.

SLIDE LUBRICANTS (for mobile slides)

Hetman Synthetic Slide Oils are formulated for first and third valve slides (trumpets, cornets, etc.). These lubricants are designed to maintain an airtight seal and smooth slide action when making intonation adjustments. The proper choice of viscosity grade depends on the fit and length of your slides. Generally speaking, lighter viscosities are needed for tighter fitting and longer length slides, whereas heavier viscosities are required for looser fitting and shorter length slides. One should choose the heaviest viscosity that still allows rapid slide movement. Packaged in 22 ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator.

Available in three nontoxic, non-gumming, long-lasting viscosity grades:

#4 – LIGHT SLIDE OIL – Formulated for tighter fitting valve slides and valve slides of longer length.

#5 – SLIDE OIL – Original formula (Tuning Slide Oil). Medium viscosity for most first and third valve slides.

#6 – HEAVY SLIDE OIL – Designed for looser fitting valve slides and valve slides of shorter length.


Hetman Slide Grease Lubricants are designed for tuning slides and valve slides that are normally maintained in position once adjusted. The choice of three unique, nontoxic products allows for smooth, air-tight performance of both tight and loose fitting slides:

#7 – SLIDE-GEL – This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. Packaged in 25 ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator.

#7.5 – SLIDE GEL PLUS – A Higher viscosity version of #7. Packaged in 10 cc jars.

#8 – PREMIUM SLIDE GREASE – A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10 cc jars.

#10 – MUSICAL INSTRUMENT GREASE – For hinges, linkages, levers and threads.

  • Leading Edge Technology – Each lubricant embodies the most advanced technology, providing long lasting performance and protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Application-Specific – Each lubricant’s viscosity and formulation is designed for its specific application.
  • Compatibility – each lubricant is compatible with conventional petroleum-based oils, avoiding potential gumming problems associated with some synthetics.
  • Easy Application – Each lubricant is packaged with a dispensing system that allows convenient application to the most difficult-to-reach lubrication points.
  • Application Guide – The easy-to-follow application guide (above) clearly describes the proper use of each product.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 2 × 1.5 in

Light Piston #1 (60 ml), Piston #2 (60 ml), Classic Piston #3 (60 ml), Light Slide Oil #4 (30 ml), Slide Oil #5 (30 ml), Heavy Slide Oil #6 (30 ml), Light Slide Gel #6.5 (30 ml), Slide Gel #7 (30 ml), TSG #8 (10cc), Light Rotor #11 (30 ml), Rotor #12 (30 ml), Light Bearing and Linkage #13 (30 ml), Medium Bearing and Linkage #13.5 (30 ml), Bearing and Linkage #14 (30 ml), Ball and Joint #15 (30 ml), Hydro-Slide Concentrate #20 (30 ml)


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