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Why stainless steel? Stainless steel is one of the most advanced manufacturing alloys in use today. It is corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic, lightweight, scratch-resistant and more durable than silver-plated or gold-plated brass. There is no plating to erode or chip. A stainless steel mouthpiece will outlast its plated counterparts by many years, and can be re-polished if scratched. H1 High volume, bowl-shaped cup #14 bore, medium back-bore Morse (American) or European shank taper Comfort rim with carefully defined bite for ultra-clear articulation Five rim inner diameters: 17.25 mm, 17.5 mm (Standard), 17.75 mm, 18 mm, 18.25 mm H2 Standard volume, bowl-shaped cup #14 bore, medium back-bore Morse (American) or European shank taper Semi-flat, rounded rim based on a 1960’s era Giardinelli ”wide rim” Rim inner diameter: 17.75 mm H3 Deep, funnel/bowl combination cup, based on the original 1960’s era “block-letter” Farkas mouthpiece #17 bore, specialized back-bore Morse (American) or European shank taper Semi-flat rim based on the original 1960’s era “block-letter” Farkas mouthpiece Rim inner diameter: 17.75 mm Exterior Profile The exterior of the mouthpiece was designed to provide exceptional playability, along with unmatched beauty. The uniquely positioned “knurled bulb” adds increased mass to the middle of the mouthpiece, aiding in efficient resonance, projection, response, and weight balance. The knurl also provides helpful traction for assembly of the cup and rim, and a handy grip for mouthpiece buzzing. The outside of the mouthpiece is “bead-blasted” for a durable satin finish. Rims All Houghton rims have an ultra-smooth, comfortable feel, with special bites and contours to accompany each model. Cups The cup designs are largely sourced from successful designs of the past, with modifications for enhanced performance. The H1 and H2 cups are bowl-shaped for excellent response, with maximum resonance and life. The H1 has a slightly larger volume than the H2. The H3 cup has a combination funnel/bowl shape that is based on the original 1960’s era “block-letter” Farkas mouthpiece. The H3 is relatively less resistant, and produces a rich, velvety sound. Bores and back-bores Each of the models is mated to a bore and back-bore that complement their individual characteristics. Shanks The mouthpiece shanks are sized for optimum fit and response in most horns with a Morse (American) or similarly tapered receiver. European shanks are also available. Compatibility All Houghton rims and cups are equipped with standard Giardinelli threads and a .660″ junction, making them compatible with the vast majority of rims and cups on the market, including the entire line of standard Houser mouthpieces.

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Weight 0.2500000 lbs
Dimensions 3.0000000 x 0.0000000 x 1.0000000 in

H1, H2, H3, H4


Standard (Morse), European


Stainless Steel, Raw Brass


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