Korg Dolcetto Clip-on Tuner/Metronome


Clip-on tuner/metronome that you attach directly to your instrument Dolcetto: Comprehensive support for large or small orchestral instruments. The Dolcetto features a large clip that can be attached to a broad range of orchestral instruments including clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, horn, euphonium, tuba, cello, and contrabass. With an arm that can be adjusted through a wide range of 360° rotation and 180° forward/backward motion, plus a ball joint that allows fine adjustments to the viewing angle, you’ll always be able to tune easily, in a natural position. Since a transpose function is also provided, you can smoothly tune your instrument whether it’s in the conventional key of C, or a transposing instrument in the key of F, B-flat, or E-flat.   Includes 1 CR2032 battery.

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