Lang 667 Rental Horn

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This Lang 667 rents for $57.50/month plus a $57.50 security deposit.

At this time, you may pay the $57.50 security deposit online to reserve the instrument, but must complete the rest of the rental application in the store. We look forward to meeting you!

The individual whose name is on the bank account must bring a photo ID, credit card, and voided check in order to set up a rental agreement. You are welcome to contact us at (817) 993-6400 ex. 1 or [email protected] to arrange for the pickup of your instrument.

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  • Double horn F/Bb
  • Yellow brass
  • Mechanical linkage
  • Fixed bell

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 13 in

1 review for Lang 667 Rental Horn

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    Nancy Nguyen (verified owner)

    i was charged for 2 months and was told if i return the instrument within a month, the deposit will be returned to me. I waited for a month and didn’t get my deposit back. I have to call the company and the lady on the phone was very nice, she apologized and said they will issue me a return by check and mail it to me.
    The instrument was great and well maintain. The staffs are nice. The rental process, I don’t like the part that i have to give them my checking account and a voided check, on top of credit card pre-charged for 2 months.

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