Lawson Descant – Serial #: 940


A professional model double descant horn in Bb/f-alto.

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Walter Lawson opened his own brass repair company, Lawson Brass Instrument Repair Company, in 1956. He gained a reputation as an expert repair technician and custom mouthpiece maker. Famously, his mouthpiece kit with interchangeable rims, cups, throats, and back-bores had over 12,000 possibilities. In 1980, he formed Lawson Brass Instruments with his sons, Bruce, Duane, and Paul. The production of the first Lawson horns began in 1981 but are no longer in production today. Lawson horns have been played professionally in many top-level orchestras in the United States and abroad.

According to Kendall Betts in an article by Nancy Ballou titled “The Handcrafted Legacy of Lawson Horns Lives On,” Barry Tuckwell, who was a neighbor and close friend of Lawson, used a Lawson descant for decades due to its superior response and sound.

This particular instrument was originally purchased from Lawson by the Cleveland Orchestra’s Alan DeMattia. Detachable bell case included.

This Lawson Descant is a great choice for the serious player seeking out a solid descant with a wealth of history.  The Lawson brand is highly regarded and Walter Lawson’s work and craft are deeply missed in the horn world.  This is a rare opportunity to own a Lawson descant.

-Dr. Sally Podrebarac

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