Lewis & Dürk LDX5 “Rhenish” Anniversary Edition


A Geyer-style professional model double horn in F/Bb.

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The LDx5 is the wonderful result of an auspicious collaboration between two master horn builders: Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk. Masterful workmanship and the best materials have combined with years of experience to yield fantastic results.

The Right Stuff

Specific tooling and production techniques for the LDX5 were developed in-house with time-tested handicraft, ensururing a consistently high standard of manufacture, and a distinct identity for each individual horn.

Low Stress

Careful handling of materials during construction reduces material stress, resulting in a horn that speaks freely, responds quickly, and resonates with an open and clear sound from the very first note.

What we think…

“The LDX5 is one of my absolute favorites in the store!  It has a beautiful, rich tone perfect for an orchestral setting.  Its full, deep sound has the ability to add brilliance and lightness as needed.  Professionals looking for a carefully constructed horn with an incredible sound will be thrilled with the LDX5.”

-Dr. Sally Podrebarac

This horn…

  • Has a beautiful, clear sound that soars over the orchestra
  • Has firm and precise response throughout the range with rich, centered timbre in all octaves
  • Is well suited to a variety of performance situations, providing nuance appropriate for chamber music and the projection necessary to shine in an orchestral role
  • Represents the best of both worlds: taking the characteristic warmth of American style brass playing and adding the focus and brilliance of the European horn style


  • Double Horn F/Bb
  • Yellow Brass
  • Unlacquered
  • String Linkage
  • Detachable Bell
  • No Case Included

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions23 × 15 × 13 in


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