Lewis Geyer - Serial #: SWL-54

The S.W. Lewis Full Double F/Bb Horn, hand-crafted by Steven Lewis, is played by celebrated artists worldwide, with over 350 made since 1977. Using the finest materials available and high precision machine tools, Steve Lewis is famous for attention to detail, pride of workmanship, and unprecedented consistency.


This particular Lewis has a detachable lead pipe system.  It comes with the original lead pipe and a Ron Pinc pipe.  It has four patches.  The valve compression is excellent, reading at 0’s.



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In stock

*Raw brass, polished brass, and unlacquered instruments and mouthpieces will tarnish quickly and may not arrive with a flawless finish. This is a natural property of raw brass, which will develop a rich golden-brown patina over time.

Warning Sign

California residents: See Prop 65 warning
All brass instruments and brass instrument mouthpieces may contain lead, which is known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


The Lewis Horn has a clear, warm, centered, resonant sound that projects easily. Of special significance is the unusual evenness of both timbre and intonation. Notable for its ease of response and full rich tone over the entire range, this horn has exceptional clarity and definition complementing both the high and low registers, as well as quick/accurate response, and a fluid legato. These attributes allow the player a broad spectrum of technical nuances and artistic expression.

Modern Lewis tapers integrated with traditional designs produce a horn that has a flexible sound, uniform in all registers and at dynamic extremes. Whether it’s the sonority or power needed for a Mahler symphony or the delicacy of a Mozart quintet, the Lewis Horn enables the performer to express their creativity. Having played professionally, Steve Lewis, knows from personal experience what a player expects and demands from an instrument when under the pressures of a performance.

This S.W. Lewis horn has a Ron Pinc pipe on it with the original pipe included. It has the original bell, weighing in at 304g, as well as a Meinl gold brass bell, weighing in at 316g.

It is very difficult to get your hands on a Lewis nowadays. Many famous players, most notably the Chicago Symphony Orchestra horn section, play exclusively on Lewis horns. David Cooper, newly appointed principal of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, plays on a Lewis.

David Cooper playing on his Lewis:

“This Lewis horn embodies the beautiful and even timbre, clarity of projection, and fluid legato that made the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra horn section the definitive sound so many of us have aspired to over the years. Lewis instruments are exceedingly rare, and I can’t imagine this horn will be here very long.”

— Dr. Sally Podrebarac



Double Horn F/Bb


Yellow Brass


Yellow Brass, additional Meinl Gold Brass bell

Bell Size


Bell Type




Lever Action



Yellow Brass Pinc pipe, original Lewis pipe included

Bore Size

12 mm (.476")

Valve Rotors

Solid Brass

Valve Casing

Nickel Silver

Number of Valves


Finger Hook


Thumb Lever


Hand Rest

Lewis style hand rest

Water Keys

1, Amado-style






MB-3 Black Nylon with Red Logo

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 13 in


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