M&W 929 1Y Bass Trombone


  • Bass Trombone Bb/F/Gb/D
  • Large Bore
  • Yellow Brass
  • One-piece Yellow Brass Bell with Soldered Rim
  • .562″ Handslide with Yellow Outer Slides and Nickel Handslide Crooks
  • Includes Translucent Lexan M&W Valve Caps
  • Includes MK50 Yellow Brass and MK50 Gold Brass Leadpipes
  • No Case or Mouthpiece Included

M&W Custom Trombones have been designed with the professional trombonist in mind, and are built to the finest standards of quality and fit. The instruments produce a rich sound, with ease of response throughout the entire range. M&W trombones embody capabilities of delicate, pianissimo playing as well as powerful projection in louder dynamics. Hand-crafted by M&W in Wisconsin, USA. Other options are available for special order. Please call (817) 993-6400.


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M&W owners and craftsmen Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker bring a wealth of experience and expertise to M&W Custom Trombones. They met while building the original Greenhoe instruments in Jackson, Wisconsin prior to that factory’s closing in 2012. While at Greenhoe, they realized that they worked well together, respected each other’s abilities, and had similar thoughts regarding instrument manufacturing. Not satisfied with simply re-creating a previously existing design, they developed M&W Custom Trombones, incorporating many of their own ideas and concepts that had not been previously utilized. As McLemore and Walker are the sole technicians at M&W, they craft every instrument by hand with consistent attention to accuracy, detail and quality control.

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Weight5.5 lbs
Dimensions48 × 13 × 10 in


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