Superslick Steri-Spray Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Sanitizer


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Exclusive, safe, and effective formula for use on all materials and surfaces.The active ingredients in this disinfectant make your mouthpiece safe to use by preventing and killing germs. It comes with a spray top for small doses, making it safe to use on children’s mouthpieces too.

Note: Steri-spray should NOT be used to kill COVID-19, as it is not at least 60% alcohol by volume. Please see the EPA website for a list of disinfectants recommended against COVID-19.

Recently, Superslick has updated the look of the Steri-Spray bottles. You may get a green bottle with a green label, or a clear bottle with a blue label. The product inside is identical.

*Raw brass, polished brass, and unlacquered instruments and mouthpieces will tarnish quickly and may not arrive with a flawless finish. This is a natural property of raw brass, which will develop a rich golden-brown patina over time.

:warning: California residents: See Prop 65 warning.
All brass instruments and brass instrument mouthpieces may contain lead, which is known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. –