Houghton Horns was founded in 1985. We're a family business comprised of professional horn players, teachers and expert craftsmen. Whether you're a student, a seasoned pro, or just passionate about the horn, you've come to the right place!


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  • Paxman Mouthpiece Cups

    Paxman Mouthpiece Cups

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  • Paxman Mouthpiece Rims

    Paxman Mouthpiece Rims

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  • Paxman Mouthpieces

    Paxman Mouthpieces

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  • Hetman Lubricants

    Hetman Lubricants

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  • Houghton Horns Stainless Mouthpiece Underparts

    Houghton Horns Stainless Underparts

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  • Houghton Horns Mouthpiece Rims

    Houghton Horns Mouthpiece Rims

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  • Houser Mouthpiece Rims

    Houser Mouthpiece Rims

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