Houghton Horns is a family business that was founded in 1985. Our mission is to provide the best possible products and services to Horn Players of all levels. With a staff comprised of musicians, teachers and craftsmen, you're in good hands with us. Whether you're a student, a seasoned pro, or just passionate about the horn, you've come to the right place...


Houghton Horns is located just 25 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in “Old Town” Keller, Texas.

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We are open during the following hours…

10:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday

10:00 am-2:00 pm on Saturdays

Walk-ins are welcome to browse our accessories or drop off repairs. To try horns or for a “while you wait” repair, an appointment must be made.

121 Lorine Street
Keller Texas 76248-3327

Our People

At Houghton Horns, we take pride in our amazing staff.

Houghton-Horns-2016-32Dennis Houghton
Houghton-Horns-2016-9Mark Houghton
Houghton-Horns-2016-7Derek J. Wright
Karen Houghton
Kathryn Houghton
Houghton-Horns-2016-12Christopher Reddick
Houghton-Horns-2016-1Victoria Matthews
Houghton-Horns-2016-13Benjamin Allen

Here’s what our customers say about us

“After learning about you in detail…I have been happy to refer students to you – your prices are somewhat better than the competition, and your helpful approach to each of them as they are going through this difficult process (including guiding them through choices among different options, but also on a more personal level) is exemplary! …I look forward to coming down to meet you and to purchase a double myself someday!”
— William Purvis

“Thank you again for the wonderful work you did on my Alexander 103.
Considering its age and the fact that it’s been sitting in a basement without maintenance or playing time for decades, I didn’t even know it would be worth repairing, let alone possible. I can’t thank you enough for fixing it up so beautifully and to such fantastic playing condition. Mr. Snead and I adore the instrument and I’m confident it’s a horn I can seriously play for a very long time!”
— Kaylene Beal

“You guys rebuilt the valves on my Conn 8D last May, and I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying playing now! My tone is warmer, and my range is improved. I took it to State Solo Contest in June, and then to Europe an a BOA concert tour: the horns got many compliments. Thanks s much!”
— Leia Johnson

“Got the horn yesterday – My son loves it… It sounds and plays so 
much better than his Jupiter starter horn. I don’t foresee any
problems during this trial week. Thanks for all your help. I will be
sure to recommend Homeless Horns to any other parents I hear about
looking for a “used” horn option.”
— Rob Stewart

I very much appreciate the care and personal attention you have given me and my horn. It has really been an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to relying on you and your team again should I need further modifications/repairs.”
— Grady Waddell

“Thank you for all you have done for us. The purchase of a French horn is not a simple task. I really appreciate your willingness to accommodate us and not rushing the process. Meghan has been playing non stop and loves the horn.”
— Lisa Gerdes

“Thanks so much Dennis! You have earned a loyal customer (and my recommendations to anybody who will listen to me).”
— David Kinney

“All I can say is THANK YOU! I definitely owe you for taking care of the problem, as well as problems I caused in haste. Thanks for the great customer service.”
— Dave Haupt

“Thanks for taking such good care of me this past weekend. I do not know when my valves have felt so good.”
— Jeffrey Powers

“Had a chance to play my restored Holton a good bit this morning – the horn is a joy!”
— Ken Cooper

“Thank you for providing the replacement levers for my Schmid triple so quickly. I appreciate you drop-shipping them directly to me!”
— Tom Sherwood

“I need to thank you. Sending the horn for you to sell for me was very much the right decision.”
— Russ Smiley

“I wanted to tell you I’m really pleased with the valve rebuild work you did on my Elkhart 8D. You guys did a great job!”
— John Funke

“Thank you Dennis for all your help. Hailey LOVES the horn!”
— Michelle O’Hanlon

“The repair you did on the bell flare for my Lewis horn was fabulous! Super Job!”
— David DeMarche

Recent Products

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