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Educational Resources for French Horn

A diagram labeled with the parts of a horn

Houghton Horns is passionate about the horn and we are excited to guide you on the journey of discovering how to play and teach the horn more effectively. Karen Houghton and Janet Nye, our educational representatives, are committed educators with over 70 years of combined teaching experience. Houghton Horns is devoted to sharing our teaching skills and providing a resource for students, band directors and educators.

a student demonstrates proper posture while playing the horn

Our equipment recommendations

The essentials needed to get started on the horn.

a traditional lever and cork water key on a French horn in black and white

School horn comparison charts

Tips for band directors looking to buy student horns.

Correct 2 8-16-18

Getting started on the horn

Posture. Embouchure. The basics.

a student demonstrates the correct way to hold a horn

How to treat your horn

Getting comfortable with your instrument.

clip art of a French horn

How to encourage your child to practice regularly

Growing in consistency and discipline.

screenshot of fingering charts for marching band

Fingering Charts

Alleviate confusion for your beginners.

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FAQ for Band Directors

You've got questions. We've got answers.

a diagram of the F horn and the Bb horn on a double horn

Tuning Setup

The basics of great intonation.

a student lubricating a French horn

Maintenance Resources

Articles, videos, and more.

clip art of a French horn with swirls

Easy Solos

Recommended solos for young horn players.

clip art of a horn stopped mute

Stopped Horn

Hand technique, mutes, and more.

clip art of a shooting star

Teaching students with unique learning styles

Tips for helping every student succeed on the horn.

Key Clip Art

Keys to an Effective Practice Session

How to get the most out of your time with the horn.


The First 20 Lessons

Some introductory lesson plans based on Recipe for Success.

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Leveling up with RFS

A sneak peak into the 2nd and 3rd year curriculum.

video clapboard


Our team explains horn basics.

pen and paper


Read more from our horn experts.

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