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Inspecting For And Dealing With Shipping Damage

Congratulations on your new instrument purchase!

The utmost care and attention has been given in readying your instrument for shipping. However, even with the greatest preparation, occasionally an instrument may incur damage in the shipping process.

As a service to our customers, we've provided a guide on how to inspect your instrument when it arrives and how to deal with potential shipping damage. 

Upon receiving your instrument please complete the following:

  • Visually check for any dents on the bell, hand slide (trombone), or any of the slides.
  • Check to be sure the bell stem is straight and true on trumpets & trombones.
  • Check bell flares for "spiral" stress marks or flat spots around the bell rim.
  • Also check under the bell and mouthpipe braces on French horns - these places are quite susceptible to shipping damage, even if the horn is packed snugly.  
  • Make sure the slides, valves, and/or the trombone hand slide move freely. 
  • Test-play the instrument. A staff member at Houghton Horns thoroughly inspects and plays every instrument before it is boxed up and shipped. However, it is still important for the customer to test-play the instrument as soon as possible upon receipt.

If damage has occurred in the shipping process: 

  • Notify Houghton Horns of the damage immediately.
  • Keep the damaged box in case it is needed for claim purposes.
  • We can provide you with a shipping label so that you may send it back to us for any necessary repairs. 
  • You may choose to file a claim with the shipping carrier that was used. Include plenty of pictures of the box, packing materials, and damage to the instrument. 

This information is provided as a public resource. Houghton Horns LLC assumes no liability for damage incurred during shipping or damage claims denied by your carrier. 



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