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ITF 2021 Retrospective

ITF 2021 Retrospective

I just finished a special week hanging with the most enthusiastic people. There was an amazing spirit of fraternity and mutual support at the International Trombone Festival. Bravo to all the fine performers, competitors, and their excellent teachers! Special props to Dr. Bradley Palmer for organizing a terrific show, and shout-out to Justin Cook who did an amazing job managing the exhibits.

Dennis Houghton manning the Houghton Horns booth

L to R: Dennis Houghton, composer John Dickson, and Joseph Alessi

The Greg Black Team L to R: Will Cochran, Leroy Pridgen, Greg Black and Benjamin Strickland

L to R: Dennis Houghton with Jason Smith and Chip Lehman of Conn-Selmer

L to R: Hakeem Bilal, Sebastian Vera and Brian Hecht

Jason Smith at the Conn-Selmer booth

L to R: Nick Schwartz, Joseph Alessi and Sebastian Vera

L to R: Colin Williams, George Curran and Nathan Zgonc performing the premiere of Steven Verhelst’s Triple Concerto


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