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New Marcus Bonna MB-8 and MB-8M — Explained

I wanted to share a few thoughts on the new MB-8/8M cases that arrived at our shop recently. Some of you may remember the old MB-8, but this newly redesigned version is vastly improved. The MB-8 is intended for “large body” horns (think Rauch, Hoyer G10, etc.), and the MB-8M is intended for “medium body” horns. To my surprise, I was able to fit my 1952 original Geyer horn (with Yamaha bell ring) in the MB-8M without an issue, so the “M” size is quite accommodating. This might present a new hard flight case option for Yamaha players, as fitting into standard aftermarket cases can be a challenge with those horns.

Original Geyer (w/ Yamaha bell ring) in the MB-8M

In the MB-8M bell storage compartment, there are rigid foam fitting blocks. The larger foam block on the left sits underneath the bell and tilts it for a precise fit, while the smaller block on the right allows for the bell rim to nestle underneath. The resulting fit is very safe and secure.

Foam blocks in the bell compartment ensure a safe & precise fit

There are a variety of MB accessories that fit easily in the MB-8/8M. The card/ID holder and pen/pencil holder are removable and versatile, thanks to their velcro backing. We’re looking to stock these and other accessories as options for customizing your MB case.

Card/ID holder and pen/pencil holder removable velcro accessories

The accessory compartment in the MB-8M is massive! I was able to fit a MacBook Pro Charger, Bose Bluetooth Speaker, and a Zoom H5 recorder comfortably. The accessory compartment in the MB-8 is also large, but much shallower to allow for a bigger, taller instrument in the main compartment.

Glimpsing the giant accessory compartment in the MB-8M

I hope this gives you a sense of these great new case models from Marcus Bonna. I had fun exploring them and sharing the details! Click the button below to shop our entire collection of MB cases:





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