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Wiseman Wooden Case Review

When we decide to carry a new case I usually give it a try for a few months to get familiar with it and ensure that it’s a good product. Frankly, I planned to use the Wiseman Wooden for a couple of weeks and then quickly move back to my old one, as I did not expect it to meet my needs for various reasons. However, I’ve been surprised by how much this case has grown on me. My big takeaways are:

  • It’s shockingly light. Since it’s made of wood it looks heavy, but it’s one of the lightest cases I’ve ever used.
  • It’s sturdy. There is ZERO flex in the structure of the case. It can go into the trunk of my car with no concern that a suitcase or heavy object will fall over and damage it.
  • It’s supportive & protective. My horn is well supported inside of the case, and I have no fear of damage under any normal circumstances. If this case is accidentally dropped with my horn inside, the instrument will almost certainly be okay. I can’t say that about all horn cases…
  • It’s roomy. It holds my horn, some small accessories, and all three of my mutes in a compact package (although I wish it also had room for my iPad). 
  • It’s comfortable. I thought that the oval shape would be annoying to carry on my back, but (for me) it’s actually more comfortable to wear than a case with a flat surface.
  • It’s stylish. This case looks stunning! Pictures don’t do it justice, but it has a highly fashionable and sophisticated appearance.  


Overall this is a case I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone. For the first time in a long while, I think I may have found a new case!

—Dr. Derek J. Wright, Co-Owner of Houghton Horns


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