An optional monthly service warranty package may be purchased and added on to the monthly rental fees for 30 days after the commencement of the contract. After 30 days the package will not be available without a new rental contract. The optional warranty service includes repairs of cosmetic and mechanical damage due to mishandling and/or negligence up to $150 per incident and $300 per contract period. Once the maintenance/repair package has been purchased, this option cannot be canceled for the term of the rental agreement. This service package is limited to the rental instrument and case and does not cover loss resulting from ill usage, neglect, fire, or theft.

This rental maintenance plan will cover the instrument’s annual ultrasonic cleaning, so we highly recommend it for any customers intending to rent the instrument for a year or more.

Double Horns $19/mo
Descant Horns $39/mo
Bb Trumpets $9/mo
Rotary Trumpets $39/mo


Prices do not include sales tax.