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Bad Neighbours for Two Horns and Piano by Catherine Likhuta

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Composer's Notes:


Bad Neighbours (2017) is a 13-minute chamber concerto for two horn soloists and horn quartet, commissioned by Horn Hounds (Peter Luff and Ysolt Clark, Australia). The solo parts are aimed at professional players, and the quartet parts are equally suitable for university students and established performers. The piece was originally planned for two horns and piano, for the world premiere by Horn Hounds at the 49th International Horn Symposium in Brazil. However, we decided collectively to change the instrumentation before I began composing, in order to feature not just Peter and Ysolt but also four of their students at this important international event. [Note: This is a version for two horns and piano.] I was born and raised in Ukraine, so you can guess which bad neighbours I am talking about… As the piece is inspired by the (most recent) war and invasion from Ukraine’s ultimate “bad neighbour”, it features numerous musical dialogues, arguments and even fights. It mixes an overall sense of tension and determination with moments of sadness and mourning. Above all, however, it is about fighting for freedom and independence. I embraced my ethnic heritage in this work, consciously incorporating Ukrainian folk modes and angular rhythms from folk dances, mixing them with the characteristic elements of my compositional style, such as jazz influences, metre changes and overall virtuosity. The 1st horn soloist represents Ukraine and has several solo moments which to me sound like singing of Ukrainian folk tunes. The recommended positioning of the soloists is opposite each other, with the quartet lined up in one row, in the middle. This project was generously supported by a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts, with valuable in-kind support from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Video of the European premiere from the 51st International Horn Symposium in Ghent, Belgium; July 4, 2019


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