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Dieter Otto

Dieter Otto Model 205 Weimar-Berlin Double Horn

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Design inspired directly from an exceptional pre-WWI C.F. Schmidt "Weimar Berlin". The valve design and philosophy of this horn was influenced by Carl Geyer.

The original bell mandrel was discovered, purchased, and is being used - the bell is not a copy. The bell flare includes a copper plated steel wire, soldered in like they used to do it. The mouth pipe is from a successful original C.F. Schmidt pipe submitted to Dieter Otto through Lou Denaro and Dick Martz. It has been slightly modified to preserve tonal structure but improve intonation. All bracing is handmade from brass rods, annealed, further worked, and fit to each horn individually. All slides are hand-lapped brass inside and outside. The horn includes traditionally hand-bent tapered parts and branches.

  • Bb/F full double horn
  • 4 valves
  • Adjustable thumb pad with reversible mechanical minibal linkage F/Bb or Bb/FArticulated string linkage for valves #1, #2, and #3
  • Easy to pivot and remove Bb and F 3rd valve crooks
  • Detachable bell
  • Bore: 12mm
  • Bell diameter: 31cm
  • Changeable receiver/adapter easily converts between European or American mouthpiece shanks