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Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players by Randy Gardner

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Randy Gardner has written one of the most significant books on brass pedagogy of the 21st Century!  Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players will be a reference guide for many decades to all brass players.  The book not only give us basics, articulations, tone, dynamics, endurance, range suggestions but the “how to” practice these most important skills to develop our brass playing and our students and the next generation of brass players.

I give my highest and most enthusiastic endorsement of Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players.  I can’t wait to have this book in my practice room and studio.

Gail Williams

Professor of Horn, Northwestern University

Charles Deering Professor of Teaching Excellence

Retired, Assoc. Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Respected worldwide as a musician and pedagogue, Randy Gardner inspires both the performer and the teacher to think critically and delve deeper into their music making approach. This book outlines a beautifully designed, proven highly successful method of teaching and learning that will help any musician take greater control over their learning, and optimize their progress and performance.

Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Horn Professor, The Curtis Institute of Music and Juilliard School of Music

This is an extremely well thought out and clearly articulated addition to the brass literature. Randy's exceptional talents and experience as a performer and teacher of the highest quality shine in every chapter. Every serious brass student should own this book.

Robert Sullivan, Professor of Trumpet, Northwestern University

Former member of the New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra and Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras

Brilliantly conceived and flawlessly written, Randy Gardner’s Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players is destined to become one of the cornerstones of the brass player’s library.

As a teacher at the university level these past fifty years, I have encountered a number of students whose performance potential was significantly impaired by poor fundamentals.  In his book, Mr. Gardner has provided the brass community with a valuable source of information containing specific and detailed instructions on the skill sets so necessary to become proficient in brass performance.  What a powerful resource!

This scholarly publication is well organized, comprehensive, clearly articulated, intelligently written, and, most importantly informed through experience.  Pedagogues wishing to further their knowledge will benefit greatly from the detailed analysis of all aspects of brass playing and problem solving techniques presented in this book.

Mr. Gardner’s care and commitment to helping performers “not just get the job done, but get the job done correctly” resonates throughout this book.

Good Vibrations is a must read for any serious student of brass performance!

Marie Speziale

Professor Emerita, The Shepherd School of Music, Rice University

Retired, Assoc. Principal Trumpet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

This book is chock full of insightful perceptions, practical "how-to-do-it" advice, and relevant, specific applications of the principles of technique and musicianship to the brass repertoire. Professor Gardner offers insightful discussion of the fundamentals of brass technique, a patient, logical, structured approach to practicing, the dutiful assimilation of new principles, and the assessment of structured, measured progress, all dispensed with inspired encouragement supplemented with homespun jocularity. This is an invaluable resource for all levels and ages of brass practitioners--beginners to professionals. Congratulations to Mr. Gardner on this splendid addition to the canon of brass playing and brass teaching. We are all the fortunate beneficiaries of his astute observations and cogent advice.

Peter Kurau

Professor of Horn/Eastman School of Music

Principal Horn/Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Randy Gardner has published a highly interesting book, addressing (almost) everything a serious brass player needs to know about efficient practicing and good performing. Good Vibrations is full of sound advice and constructive suggestions. Impressive and recommendable!

Frøydis Ree Wekre

Professor Emerita, Norwegian Academy of Music

International guest teacher RNCM Manchester

Early in my career as a professional Hornist, Randy Gardner's first book, Mastering the Horn's Low Register, quickly became one of the most beneficial resources in my goal of becoming an Orchestral Horn player. Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players greatly expands upon these valuable teaching and learning techniques not only for horn players, but for all brass players. Randy's unique writing style packs years of knowledge and expertise into a concise format that is easily accessible for beginners and professionals alike. This book is a must-have for all serious brass players and teachers!

Jesse McCormick, Second Horn - The Cleveland Orchestra

Horn Faculty - Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music

Congratulations and thanks to Randy Gardner for this well thought-through book - the fruit of his many years of practice and performance at the highest levels of our profession. Both the physical and mental aspects of brass performance are addressed in a common-sensical, clever and caring manner. It takes its place on my studio bookshelf alongside related works by Farkas, Kleinhammer, Wick and others. I recommend it highly!

Carl Lenthe

Professor of Trombones and Euphonium

Jacobs School of Music

Indiana University

Randy Gardner's Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players is a wonderful new addition to the canon of brass pedagogy.  Professor Gardner offers highly practical advice in all areas of brass performance, drawing upon his years of experience as a top-level performer and a celebrated teacher of the horn. His measured, thoughtful approach illuminates each topic area with crystal clarity and an engaging writing style. Players of all ages and experience levels can benefit from this important work, written by one of the great icons in the brass world. Every aspect of Professor Gardner's pedagogical ideas is spot on. I have personally never seen this material presented so effectively and concisely. I highly recommend that everyone go out and buy a copy of Good Vibrations (for themselves and their students) today!  It invariably will become a must-have in the area of brass pedagogy methods."

Bernhard Scully

Canadian Brass, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Randy Gardner has made another key contribution to the brass playing community.  Good Vibrations is possibly the most important treatise in this genre since Farkas’s The Art of Brass Playing.  Mr. Gardner’s detailed and personal narrative style sparked many fond memories of my years spent in his studio.  This book should be on the shelf of every brass performer, pedagogue, and student.

Michael Thornton

Principal Horn, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Associate Professor of Horn, University of Colorado at Boulder

Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players is a comprehensive source of practical information for brass musicians. Written in a down-to-earth style, it gives students and teachers of brass instruments inspiring ideas for use in their development as musicians.  While some material is horn-specific, players of other brass instruments will find an abundance of great information pertaining to developing skills and growing as a musician. Players preparing for auditions, either in the orchestra or band field, will find plenty of applicable concepts and methods that will help them stand out to a committee as an example of a complete musician.Mr. Gardner's years of experience and thorough, yet caring, teaching style shine through in the pages of this book. It is an excellent "how to" book for anyone who is serious about becoming a more complete brass musician.

John Cradler- tuba artist and clinician, Washington, D.C.

This method book by Randy Gardner addresses everything you need to know to become a successful brass player.  I feel it is one of the most important pedagogical books of our time.  It is a must for everyone’s library.  Thank you Randy Gardner!

Daniel Perantoni

Provost Professor (tuba, euphonium)

Jacobs School of Music

Indiana University

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